Why Small Businesses Love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be an important time for any small business. Look at your market to see whether there are any ways that you should be positioning your products or services to meet the needs of the holiday consumer. Gifts, cards and candy are all items shoppers will be seeking but there may be ways you can market your products and services to appeal to Valentine’s Day shoppers even if you don’t sell any of these. Check out our roundup for more on why Valentine’s Day remains an awesome opportunity.

Top Trends

Why small businesses love Valentine’s Day. We’ve all heard the story. Valentine’s Day was invented by the greeting card companies, but nowadays many times it’s small businesses that benefit. Here are some reasons why. The Street

A Valentine’s Day list of small business gifts. One of the ways small businesses can outdistance larger competitors this and every Holiday season is by offering unique gifts. Here’s a slide show of offerings by other inventive entrepreneurs to give you some ideas. Huffington Post

Marketing & PR

Small businesses pick for holiday shopping? A new video satire takes a look at why customers might want to choose small businesses instead of their competition while shopping for gifts to give your sweetheart. PR Web

Valentine’s video shows small business heart. Here’s the complete video satire “Support Big Business!” poking fun at “big boxes” and promoting “mom and pop” stores on Valentine’s Day. Mixed Blooms

International Perspective

Valentine’s Day boosts business even in China! Small businesses, including florists and others, are benefiting from Valentine’s Day even in China. The holiday is not traditional in Chinese culture but has been gaining ground in recent years with the younger generations. Bloomberg Businessweek

Iranian small businesses love this Holiday! Despite its obvious Western influence, Valentine’s Day is actually thriving, even in Iran, where it has become a boon to small retailers as a tolerated outlet for young people. The Express Tribune

Strategy & Operations

Website sends Valentine to local small businesses. A local Website is sending a Valentine to local small businesses by letting them upload their holiday specials and services for promotion free. It’s one thing to support small businesses with your content, but here’s a Website that is doing even more. Patch

Making a business out of love year-round. If you think your businesses earnings on romance need to be limited to Feb. 14, think again. The 250 employees of online dating service eHarmony.com work for a business dedicated to matters of the heart throughout the year. WSJ

Local View

One local business thrives from Valentines. If you want to know more about how Valentine’s Day benefits local businesses directly, read the story of one local florist who brings in more business on Valentine’s Day than any other time of year. Central Michigan Life

Valentine’s Day can be great for small business. But that’s no excuse for them to perform poorly for the rest of the year. One small business coach tells small business owners not to let the economy or anything else determine their small business success. KIMT Channel 3

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