Secrets of Success, Why We Buy Stuff and More

why we buy stuff

Well, it’s hard to believe another week has come and gone. Here’s our latest community news and information roundup. We hope you find it helpful. We’ve searched the Web for a good selection of news and features (and some new thoughts on business too.) Be sure to read at the end how you can help make these posts even more helpful.

Let’s begin!’s Small Business Forum Launches Secrets of Success. (Small Business Forum)

The new series will include interviews with successful people by Rieva Lesonky. The first one features Small Business Trends founder, Anita Campbell. Hurray!

Do You Know why Customers Buy From You? (Retail Minded)

Customers may make decisions for many reasons including emotional ones. A great conversation ensued over at the BizSugar community where this post was shared this week.

GeoLoqal Helps with Building Geo-Targeting Apps. (One Million by One Million Blog)

Sramana Mitra, founder of One Million by One Million, gives us an overview of this platform-as-a-service. And there’s also a glimpse of the people behind it.

The Case for Solo Law Practices. (Charkes A. Krugal blog)

Is there a certain kind of legal representation that makes the best fit for entrepreneurs? Legal advisor and business consultant Sara Baris thinks so. Here’s what she has to say.

Decision-Making Isn’t Simple. (Kaizen Biz)

Let’s face it. If decision making came down to simply weighing facts and options, it would be much simpler to know you’re making the right ones. Be sure to check the feed for Elli St. George Godfrey’s extended chat about this topic on Twitter.

Your Marketing Should be a Conversation. (Integrated Marketing Insights)

No need to freak out when your customers answer back. It’s a good thing, says William Fayerweather. Now, here’s how to make that marketing conversation two way!

So Many Channels, So Little Time. (yMarketingMatters)

We hear every day about the importance of social media involvement. But the most important decisions we need to make are about which channels are worth our time and effort. Yasmin Bendror suggests some guidelines.

Are You Ready for Customer 2.0? (Business on Market St)

With so many small businesses already using digital technology, it’s amazing how few really understand the way their customers too have changed. Nicole Pereira gives us a much needed introduction to the customers of the digital age and how to interact with them.

Take Control of Your Online Presence. (BizSugar Blog)

When Jonny Ross’s ecommerce site received a Google penalty removing it from the search engine’s ranking, he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. Today, he advises clients to do the same.

A Basic Guide to Keywords. (Zopim Blog)

You don’t need to be a Search Engine Optimization expert to make your content more attractive to search engines. Obed Medina gives this basic guide to keyword strategy and answers a question in the BizSugar community.

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  1. I like these recaps, I’m able to catch up on everything that I missed during the week at a glance and click on the links I find interesting. Somebody had a good idea!

    • I really enjoyed this week’s roundup as well. I managed to learn a lot through these posts especially about buyer psychology and marketing. You can never learn enough about these topics.

  2. Thanks, Ed. We love bringing them to you as well. It’s a great chance for us to curate some of the great content from around the small business community online and share it with our Small Business Trends readers.