Why Your Employees are the Target of Hackers

why your employees are the target of hackers

For small business owners, cyber security is an even bigger issue this year with so many employees working from home. According to Fundera, 40% of all small business will experience an attack and the cost to the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the biggest problems is password protection.

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, JD Sherman, CEO of Dashlane, is committed to building the best password management service for both businesses and consumers. Prior to joining Dashlane, JD served as President and Chief Operating Officer of HubSpot from 2012 to 2020, helping lead the company from $25 million in revenue to nearly $1B, growing from 200 employees to 4,000 over that time.

I discussed with JD:

  • How he built HubSpot into one of the most successful businesses by establishing their mission and culture first which then established the base for long term growth.
  • Why cyber security is so intimidating to small business owners and what you can do to thwart many attacks through better password hygiene and available tools.
  • Why “convenience” is the best friend to hackers against your small business. JD says that “people work  too hard to remember passwords and to not share them. To often they use the same passwords at home and work.” But JD admits that you can’t change people so he suggests “a password manager, so you only need to remember a master password. This tool then fills in the right password for each site. If it is stolen, hackers would still need to login from a device you already have.”
  • Why it’s imperative for small businesses to create a culture of cybersecurity and how you can build a well-functioning culture of cybersecurity through education, training, and awareness program.
  • What’s a good password, a bad password, how often should you change your password? (forget Password123).

Listen to the entire interview at The Small Business Radio Show.

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