Wix Now Has CRM for Small Business, Too


You might be familiar with Wix, a company known as a maker of drag-and-drop Web design tools for small businesses. But the company has expanded its services to also include CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools.

Called MyAccount CRM solution, this service offers small business owners tools for collecting and managing contacts, managing email marketing campaigns, and more.

The company recently announced that, since rolling out the MyAccount CRM solution, “over 164 million contacts have been collected, stored and managed through the platform.”

Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO says in the press release:

“MyAccount is the central nervous system, coordinating numerous essential business elements in a single, unified setting. We’ve created an ecosystem where small business owners can seamlessly integrate their web creation with robust business applications and functionalities that help them manage and grow online.”

Wix boasts that MyAccount makes it easy for business owners to manage their website and account settings such as premium subscriptions, apps, settings, permissions, mailboxes, and more.

With MyAccount, business owners can create a customer contact list with information and activity data through their own website. Owners can even integrate their existing contact lists to manage it all from one place.

The Newsfeed feature allows business owners to get alerts and updates of visitor activity on their website in real time.

WixHive takes it a step further. This data sharing API allows owners to capture website visitors actions like messages, bookings, purchases and more. This information is stored in one place and can then be accessed through installed apps.

WixShoutOut allows business owners to create email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and announcements and distribute them to specific contacts or groups. Smart Actions help automate business communications, offering customizable messages that can be sent to customers such as welcoming new subscribers and thanking customers for purchases.

Wix also boats offering industry-specific products like WixStores, WixHotels, and WixMusic. All of which can be managed through the MyAccount dashboard. Business owners can also access and manage sales, bills, inventory and more through the MyAccount dashboard.

The company has done well over the past year, reporting 68 million registered users and up to $57.4 million in collections in their second quarter earnings. Wix claims this is a 44 percent increase for collections year-over-year.

Wix has made multiple efforts to expand over the years.

Back in 2014, the company acquired OpenRest, an online ordering service for restaurants. Wix has also integrated with other companies to enhance some of their services. This year, alone, the company integrated Wix ShoutOut with Facebook Ads, launched a partnership with Cloudbeds for the WixHotels app, and announced Web design tools for Microsoft Office 365.

While Wix has remained within the Web design space up until now, the addition of CRM tools pushes the company into a totally new market. Now more than Do-It-Yourself web design, the company helps business owners automate many tasks involved with the day-to-day running of their website and CRM.

Image: Wix.com


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  1. It’s interesting to see how many of these previously website-focused businesses (Wix now and GoDaddy before it) are getting deeper and deeper into the SMB space.

  2. How do they make money? Isn’t the web tool free? Is the CRM feature linked to a subscription service?