Wix and LegalZoom Partner to Help Entrepreneurs Form a Business and Get It Online

wix and legalZoom partner to help entrepreneurs form a business

Wix is partnering with LegalZoom to enable entrepreneurs in the US to begin the legal formation of their business while creating a suitable online presence at the same time.

Wix and LegalZoom Partner to Help Entrepreneurs Form a Business and Get It Online

Wix is a leading platform to create, manage and grow a digital presence, while LegalZoom are the number one brand in online small business formations and a leading online platform for legal, compliance and tax solutions. This new partnership across both of their websites means entrepreneurs will soon be able to have a unified experience to legally form their business in the US while simultaneously building their online presence.

Start, Manage and Grow Your Business

The partnership between Wix and LegalZoom is great news for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups. LegalZoom’s impressive legal and compliance solutions combined with Wix’s extensive online platform will provide small business owners with all the tools they need to get started as well as manage and grow their business.

The collaboration will also allow existing entrepreneurs as well as future ones to interact on the Wix or LegalZoom platforms where they can benefit from customized recommendations and solutions. These solutions will be tailored to the unique needs of each business according to where they are in their formation and management cycle.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

LegalZoom’s Chief Partnerships Officer, Kathy Tsitovich, said that the goal of her company is to support existing business owners as well as the next generation of entrepreneurs. Tsitovich said of the partnership with Wix: “Having a simple way to build a beautiful website is almost universal for small business owners, and our integration with Wix in the US provides a seamless way for our users to form their business and build their online presence. As a champion for small businesses, we are thrilled to see how our integration with Wix empowers entrepreneurs and supports their ongoing growth.”

The Chief Business Officer at Wix, Yaniv Vakrat, added: “Wix shares LegalZoom’s goal of supporting SMBs and bringing entrepreneurs’ visions to life. We are excited that LegalZoom, the leader of online small business formation, chose us to help equip business owners in the US with everything they need for their business, from inception to managing it on a day-to-day basis. We are excited to continue to enter strategic partnerships, such as this one, to help SMBs grow through every touchpoint of their business.”

How the LegalZoom-Wix Collaboration Works

Businesses using LegalZoom in their formative stage will soon be able to seamlessly create an online presence as they start their business. It begins with a business categorization mechanism which gives each business a ready-made website created by Wix which suits their business purposes.

Entrepreneurs will also be able to access Wix’s impressive range of advanced customization capabilities, enterprise-grade performance, security and a reliable infrastructure. There will also be commerce and business solutions, advanced SEO and marketing tools available.

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