Wix Introduces Lightboxes to Grab Customer Attention

Use a Wix Lightbox to Grab Customer Attention

An ecommerce website is just like a retail store, with some items getting more attention than others.  In the store, this is usually achieved through displays that make the product stand out, which is the same concept behind Wix’s Lightboxes: grab the attention of the customer.

The drag and drop website design platform recently announced the new feature on its official blog.

Use a Wix Lightbox to Focus on Specific Content

According to Wix, Lightboxes are the best way to make a good first impression when you want to get the visitors on your website to look at particular content. This can be a product, news, advertising, a way of collecting a new contact and leads, or anything else you want to shed light on, pun intended.

Lightboxes are an interactive message which have been created to pop up and get the attention of the user. The box can be designed to fit the theme of your site, or you can customize it and make it standout to fit each occasion.

All it takes to add the Lightboxes is choose a ready-made design and your personal touches. Go to Open Editor > Add Panel > Lightbox > Choose preset. You then create, compose and customize your lightbox with new colors, video, images, buttons, forms and more.

Because the Lightboxes appear on top of your page, Wix recommends an overlay by fading your background. This will give the box more impact when it appears out of nowhere. When you are done, you can choose where and when the box will appear on your website.

Use a Wix Lightbox to Grab Customer Attention

This includes when a button is clicked, when they first visit the site or a visitors appears on a specific page. The user interface is extremely easy and intuitive, with click, drag and drop functionality anyone can do.

This is a great way for small businesses to advertise new products and services, hold contests and better engage with customers all around, and it is free.

The Lightboxes feature is now available for Wix sites.

Images: Wix.com

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