Wix Now Has Website Creation with AI-Powered Features and Site Generator


Wix.com Ltd. announced plans to launch an AI Site Generator and a suite of AI-powered capabilities to streamline the entire website-building process. These new features will enhance businesses’ operational efficiency and growth like never before.

The AI Site Generator, a groundbreaking tool soon to be unveiled by Wix, promises a radical change in website creation. Users describe their intent, and the AI instantly generates a professional and unique website, complete with a homepage, inner pages, text, images, and business solutions, including Stores, Bookings, Restaurants, and Events. The AI also provides room for further customization and editing to meet specific user needs.

Another remarkable feature in the pipeline is the AI Assistant Tool for managing businesses. This tool will suggest improvements and create individualized strategies for businesses based on site analytics and trends, offering an advanced level of business management.

In addition, the AI Page and Section Creator will enable users to add new pages or sections to their websites swiftly. They merely need to describe their needs, and the AI will generate the layout, design, and text. The Object Eraser will allow seamless extraction and manipulation of subjects from images.

“We are fully committed to bringing our users fully-integrated innovations, such as the AI Site Generator, that have excellent user experiences to ultimately drive forward the next generation of website creation,” said Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO of Wix. “These new tools leverage the strength and dedication of our Data Science team, who have been leaders in integrating the power of AI and delivering it directly to Wix users. We’re on the edge of something truly amazing, and we will keep advancing our offerings as AI technology progresses to enable users to grow their businesses and have success with more efficiency and creativity than ever before.”

Wix has already integrated several AI-powered features, enriching its web creation suite. These include AI Text Creator and AI Template Text Creator, which generate high-quality, personalized content and unique textual content for entire websites, respectively. Also available is the AI Domain Generator, which helps users choose the perfect brand name from a variety of unique, catchy, and relevant domain names.

The AI design tools include the Alternative Layouts tool for single-click website redesign, the AI Image Creator for generating unique images from descriptions, and Auto Background Removal and Auto Enhance tools to refine photos and improve their quality.

The e-commerce offerings feature a Product Descriptions tool that facilitates almost instant description of e-commerce products and a Product Recommendations tool used to present customers with relevant products they might be interested in purchasing to improve sales.

In an age where small businesses must have a strong online presence to thrive, Wix’s AI-powered features will be a game changer. By offering easy-to-use and efficient tools, the platform could potentially transform the face of web creation, making it more accessible and effective for small businesses.

Image: Wix

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