Wix Unveils AI-Powered Mobile App Builder for Custom Native Apps


Wix.com Ltd. has announced the launch of AI-powered creation capabilities for its mobile app builder. This new feature allows users to create professional native mobile applications for iOS and Android without needing to write any code. By leveraging a conversational AI chat experience, users can describe the intent and goals of their app, and the AI will generate a fully branded, customizable application tailored to their needs.

The mobile app builder uses AI to guide users through a chat experience to understand their objectives. Based on the information gathered, the AI creates a uniquely designed mobile app for the desired business. Users can then further customize their app using the Mobile App Editor, adding or modifying sections, widgets, designs, themes, and more to suit their specific requirements. Additionally, users can preview the app on their mobile devices before it goes live on the App Store and Google Play.

“Users can now create a custom native mobile app using the AI chat experience by simply describing their goals and visions, and AI does the work,” said Noa Eiland, Head of Mobile Apps at Wix. “We’re thrilled to expand our suite of AI tools to mobile with the launch of AI to our native mobile app builder.”

Users have complete ownership of their apps, including branding on the App Store and Google Play. They can design their app icon and customize the layout, look, and feel to create their desired app. Wix also offers built-in features like stores, bookings, and forums to enhance business apps. The Wix site, dashboard, and app activity are synced in real-time, supporting the submission process with Google and Apple, automatic version updates, new feature releases, and more. Wix handles all these aspects to optimize the native mobile app experience and manage users’ businesses efficiently.

The AI chat experience for the mobile app builder is available globally in English for users who purchase the premium Branded App plan, with pricing starting at $99 per month. To start using this solution, users can click here.

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