Wix Unveils New Features at DevStudio Conference to Empower App Developers


At its annual Developers’ Conference, DevStudio Con, held in Bangalore, India, Wix announced several new features designed to enhance the development process and expand monetization opportunities within the Wix App Market. These new tools aim to provide developers with a more flexible and powerful platform to create applications, enhancing the Wix ecosystem.

Shahar Talmi, GM Developer Platform at Wix, stated, “We understand developers need a flexible platform to deliver high-end projects hyper-efficiently. This is why we are thrilled to announce our new features to our developer community at this year’s DevStudio Con. We are continuing to open the Wix no-code and low-code platform with reusable, customizable apps and AI tools, all while providing more revenue opportunities. We aim to build the best solution for agencies and developers by delivering a platform that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box business functionality and welcome the addition of custom functionalities and apps to break boundaries within the Wix ecosystem.”

Developers can now build robust and powerful applications using the Wix CLI, which supports modern web development frameworks and libraries. With TypeScript and React for front-end development and Node.js for back-end logic, the Wix CLI provides a comprehensive toolset that integrates seamlessly with the Wix platform. Additionally, apps built with Wix CLI are hosted for free on Wix, eliminating hosting costs for developers.

The Wix Design System offers a comprehensive toolkit for creating visually cohesive and functional applications. It includes reusable components and Figma kits, enabling developers to maintain a consistent look and feel across the platform. The Wix Patterns library allows for rapid development of admin screens, reducing the amount of code required to create feature-rich interfaces.

To streamline the development process, Wix now offers pre-designed templates tailored to different use cases. These templates, compatible with Wix Blocks, Wix CLI, or self-hosted environments, provide a solid foundation for developers, allowing them to focus on customization and functionality. The templates are easily adaptable, ensuring they can be modified to meet specific needs.

Wix has introduced new capabilities for developers to extend the functionality of existing Wix apps, such as Wix Stores and Wix Bookings, through feature-rich plugins. These plugins can be seamlessly integrated into user sites or admin dashboards, offering intuitive customization options. Backend plugins allow for the extension and customization of Wix’s backend logic, and can be sold on the app market, creating new revenue streams for developers.

Wix is enhancing app discoverability with optimized suggestions based on user actions. To build trust, the new Wix Choice certification program rewards high-quality apps with a certified badge. Developers can also select the best pricing plan for their customers, including free trials, recurring, or usage-based models. Notably, developers benefit from a 100% revenue share in the first year.

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