20 WooCommerce Themes for Your Online Storefront

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Making your online storefront attractive is one of the key ways to attract and retain customers. Your website design and the WordPress theme you use can have a significant impact on the user experience. The easier and more intuitive it is for customers to shop from your site, the more likely they will keep coming back.

For this article, we’ll look at some of the best WooCommerce themes for your online storefront and explore what makes them stand out to help you select the best one.

What is a WooCommerce Theme?

Equally important is to first ask what is WooCommerce? And the simple answer is, it is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built for WordPress or as an eCommerce option by web hosting providers.

Using a Woocommerce WordPress theme, you can turn your website into an e-commerce store and sell products or services. Customers can browse products, add items to their cart, and purchase from your eCommerce site quickly and easily with a WooCommerce theme.

How do you get WooCommerce themes?

Depending on business needs, you can get free WooCommerce WordPress themes or premium WooCommerce themes for your eCommerce shop. There are many ways to get a WooCommerce theme; here is how:

  1. Look for the best WooCommerce themes, and select the one that works best for your online store.
  2. Download the file to your computer so that you can upload the theme to WordPress
  3. You can install your WooCommerce WordPress theme using the dashboard feature on WordPress
  4. Navigate to the dashboard, select upload to import your WooCommerce WordPress theme.
  5. Once it uploads, navigate to Appearance > Themes to activate the theme.

If you’re having trouble installing or activating your WooCommerce theme, you can find additional support on the WooCommerce site.

Best Free WooCommerce Themes

Choosing the right theme is absolutely crucial for the success of your online shop. Using a flexible WordPress theme, you can tailor the site to match your branding and create a strong impression for customers right from the start. For example, add a custom logo for more impact or custom widgets to make it more personal for users.

We’ll look at some of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes for online stores, including the best free WordPress theme and premium WordPress themes.

1. Astra

Astra is undoubtedly one of the most popular WordPress themes, and it’s one of the top favorite free WooCommerce themes. Astra is fully responsive, fast, lightweight, and customizable, making it a great option for online stores. It’s easy to integrate to WooCommerce plugins, and no coding experience is needed to make changes.

2. Storefront

Storefront is another popular eCommerce theme and is a great option for an online business. Storefront offers easy-to-navigate page layouts, different customization options and can be integrated with both WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins as needed. Choose from different layout colors, add custom widgets, and make your eCommerce store stand out with Storefront.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP is another great free WooCommerce theme that offers a lot of features for an eCommerce website. With OceanWP, customization is easy, and you get responsive design, fast loading speed, great eCommerce functionality, and more with this multipurpose WordPress theme.

4. Botiga

If you’re looking for a fully responsive WooCommerce theme and a design that makes your online shop stand out, then Botiga is the right choice for you. One of the most elegant themes available, Botiga, is a free WooCommerce WordPress theme that balances out eCommerce functionality with design to create a great customer experience.

5. Zigcy Lite

Zigcy Lite is a great multipurpose theme that works well as an eCommerce WordPress theme. It has deep WooCommerce integration and is one of the best options for online stores looking to build a responsive and well-designed WooCommerce site for their business.

6. Excellent

Excellent is a modern WooCommerce theme that’s perfect for businesses looking for elegant themes without sacrificing full WooCommerce integration. Excellent has multiple page templates, so there is lots of room to play around, and it is a responsive theme so that it will load well on mobile devices.

7. Woostify

Woostify is one of the best free WooCommerce themes for WordPress because of its sleek design, easy navigation, and SEO-friendliness. It’s optimized for responsive design and is also very lightweight and flexible. Woostify can be adapted easily for different types of online stores, making it a great multipurpose WordPress theme for businesses.

8. Attire

Attire is a free WordPress theme for WooCommerce and has a lot of important elements to help online shops increase revenue. Attire features an SEO-friendly page layout for maximum effectiveness, alongside hundreds of customization options to make your site on-brand. Built for WordPress customizer Gutenberg, brands can easily construct an eCommerce site that fits their needs using a page builder with Attire.

9. Boutique

The name may suggest that Boutique is only for fashion brands, but you can use it for a lot more! One of the best aspects of free WordPress themes for WooCommerce is that there are a lot of ways to customize the theme to match your brand. The Boutique WordPress theme has multiple page layouts, a clean and simple design, as well as a trendy minimal layout that customers seem to love.

10. Woovina

Woovina is a suitable option if you’re looking for a free WooCommerce theme that’s easily customizable. Woovina includes over 85 design elements you can use as needed, and no coding experience is required to build pages. Plus, with a deep WooCommerce integration, Woovina is perfect for your online store since it can be designed to match your branding. Using the free WordPress theme, you can quickly import pages, add products and have your site go live in no time.

Best WooCommerce Themes (Premium)

Another option for your eCommerce store is to use a premium WooCommerce theme. Not all WordPress themes have the right features and functionalities for your business, and a Premium could offer much more. With a premium theme, you can gain access to things like WooCommerce support, drag and drop builder, and more. We’ll look at the best premium WooCommerce themes to help you select the best one for your business:

11. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme that can be used across many different business types. Hestia Pro has a clean and simple design as it is a one page WordPress theme. So you won’t need to worry about building out multiple pages and instead focusing on creating a great user experience.

Pricing: There are multiple pricing options available, ranging from 69 dollars to 299 dollars depending on business size, with features including support, updates, and more.

12. Neve

Like many other WordPress WooCommerce themes, Neve has both a free version and a premium version for businesses to choose from. Neve is a classic multipurpose WooCommerce theme that incorporates beautiful design with other features to increase user conversion rates and sales. In addition, it’s a flexible, easy-to-use premium WordPress theme for a WooCommerce store.

Pricing: Starts at $59 up to $259 and includes features such as custom page layouts, WooCommerce boosters, and cloud storage.

13. Flatsome

Flatsome is a good option for businesses that want more of a sleek, professional look instead of a minimalist theme. In addition, Flatsome is one of the best WooCommerce themes for those that want an easy website to build and key eCommerce features. Flatsome is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and includes many custom features to entice buyers.

Pricing: Flat regular license fee for $59.

14. WoonderShop

WoonderShop is one of the best options if you’re looking for a premium theme for your WordPress website. It includes WooCommerce extensions plus live page builders to make it easy to see what your site will look like for the end-user as you build out pages. WoonderShop also includes conversion rate optimized features to ensure that your customers purchase more when browsing your online shop.

Pricing: $67 for one WordPress theme, $177 for all WordPress themes

15. eLab

eLab is one of the best premium WooCommerce themes because it includes many of the key features an online store needs to build trust with customers and boost sales. eLab premium themes include elegant designs, fast loading speeds, a secure site, and a fully responsive design to ensure that customers have a great experience no matter what device they are using.

Pricing: Flat license fee of $59

16. Ultra

As the name might suggest, Ultra is known for being one of the fastest and most flexible premium WordPress themes out there. So if you’re looking for an eCommerce theme that gives you more freedom to build pages as you like and create a site more reflective of your brand, Ultra is the best choice. Moreover, sites can be customized from top to bottom as needed, with multiple page templates to help you construct the best website for your online business.

Pricing: Starts at $59

17. Hugo

For online stores looking for more distinctive designs and a modern WordPress website theme, Hugo might be the best fit. That’s why Hugo is great for brands looking to upgrade their online shop with lots of different visual elements and a high-end look and feel. Including unique page layouts, WooCommerce support, custom widgets, and multiple color schemes, Hugo has a lot to offer.

Pricing: Single themes start at $34 and go up to $174 based on the type of support and update package chosen.

18. Cherbs

Although the website design might suggest this theme is better suited for the food industry, that’s not quite the case. Premium WordPress themes such as Cherbs can be tailored to various industries and companies and add a more unique touch for websites. The Cherbs WordPress theme includes a one-click installation process, Google fonts, all browser compatibility, and other features to keep customers engaged and interested as they browse the site.

19. Neto

Neto is a classic multipurpose WooCommerce theme with various features to help online businesses be as successful as possible. Neto includes many customization options for eCommerce stores, easy WooCommerce integration, WooCommerce plugin compatibility, mobile-friendly design, and customizable colors and layouts to help online shops stand out.

Pricing: Single themes start at $34 and go up to $174 based on the type of support and update package chosen.

20. Zuka

Like Hugo, ZukaZuka is also a clean and modern WooCommerce theme suitable for many types of retail businesses. Zuka has unique design elements and visual imagery to help brands stand out. Plus, Zuka includes unique tools to help eCommerce businesses drive sales, including a creative child theme for inner pages, premium plugin options, one-click page importer to make building your pages easier, and much much more.

What to Look Out for in WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Several key features help turn your eCommerce site from good to great, and it’s important to choose a theme that helps you achieve that.

So if you want to build a stunning eCommerce website, here are some ways to go about evaluating an eCommerce theme for your business and what you should be looking for:

  1. Responsive design: Ideally, your chosen theme should load quickly and easily on mobile devices and desktops to ensure the best customer experience.
  2. Multiple page layout options: You should have the flexibility to create different page layouts and customize your site according to needs.
  3. Social media integration: Including your social media channels on your site is an important marketing tool, so your WordPress Woocommerce theme should offer that.
  4. No coding required: Your WooCommerce theme should be easy enough to use, with features such as a drag and drop page builder so that you can tailor your site as needed without needing a developer.
  5. Easy customization: Whether you’re trying to add custom backgrounds, different plugins, a custom logo, or more, look for WordPress WooCommerce themes that allow you to customize your site in many different ways.
  6. Regular updates: It’s important to choose a theme with regular updates as that means that developers ensure that the site is performing well and is keeping up with trends. Regular updates are also important to eliminate bugs and other issues, so choose a theme that offers regular support and updates to ensure your website performs at its best.

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