50 Working with Kids Business Ideas

50 Small Business Ideas for People Who Like Working with Kids

Do you enjoy teaching or playing with children? Then you might be interested in a career working with kids. And there are a ton of working with kids business ideas if that’s the case.

Choosing Business Ideas that Involve Working with Kids and Can Benefit Small Business Owners: Our Methodology

When it comes to choosing the right business idea in this domain, there are several key criteria to consider. We’ll rate these criteria on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest importance and 1 being the lowest:

  • Safety and Child Well-being (Rating: 5): Prioritize the safety and well-being of children in your business, ensuring it aligns with best practices and regulations.
  • Passion and Interest (Rating: 5): Assess your passion and genuine interest in working with kids, as enthusiasm can greatly contribute to success.
  • Educational Value (Rating: 4): Determine the educational value your business offers to children and their parents, as learning opportunities can be a significant selling point.
  • Experience and Expertise (Rating: 4): Evaluate your experience and expertise in the specific area of working with kids, as this can influence your credibility.
  • Market Demand (Rating: 4): Assess the demand for services or products related to working with kids in your chosen niche. Strong demand is vital for success.
  • Budget and Investment (Rating: 3): Determine the budget required to start and run your business, including factors like equipment, space, and marketing.
  • Licensing and Regulations (Rating: 3): Ensure that your business complies with all relevant licensing and regulatory requirements, especially those related to child care or education.
  • Parental Engagement (Rating: 3): Plan for effective communication and engagement with parents, as their trust and support are critical.
  • Location and Facilities (Rating: 2): Consider the location and facilities needed for your business, as the environment can significantly impact children’s experiences.
  • Marketing and Branding (Rating: 2): Develop effective marketing strategies and branding that resonate with both kids and parents, using language and imagery that appeals to both audiences.

Working with Kids Business Ideas

Do your interests align with kids? And are you interested in entrepreneurship? Then check out these 50 business ideas to consider.

Private Tutoring Service

You may possess skills as a teachers. So offer your services to students on a one-on-one basis. You can offer general tutoring. Or specialize in a specific subject or grade level.

Private Preschool

working with kids business ideas

You can also work with multiple young children at once. Just open a small preschool or daycare center.

Test Prep Tutoring Service

Or start a more specialized tutoring business. Offer test prep services for those who are getting ready to take their SATs, LSATs or GREs. And you can also specialize in other specific tests.

Lesson Plan Sales

If you want to offer products or services for teachers, or if you are a teacher looking for a nice side business, provide pre-made lesson plans for sale online.

Grading Service

You can also offer assistance for teachers who need an extra hand with their grading tasks on occasion.

Online Course Sales

Teaching remotely is an ever-growing trend, especially for those who wish to share their expertise with a young audience. Selling online courses allows for flexibility and accessibility, providing an avenue for kids to learn at their own pace, no matter where they are located.

Consider designing courses that cater to children’s interests or educational needs. Whether it’s a language, science, art, or even life skills, curate content that’s engaging and age-appropriate.

Make sure your courses have interactive elements like quizzes, assignments, or multimedia, keeping youngsters both entertained and educated.

Webinar Service

Webinars are real-time, interactive seminars held online, providing a more immediate and engaging method of teaching. If you possess expertise in a specific subject, hosting webinars can be a great way to reach a vast audience of kids and their parents.

These sessions offer real-time interaction, allowing children to ask questions and get immediate feedback, enhancing their learning experience. Furthermore, webinars can be paired with supplementary resources, such as handouts, worksheets, or interactive games.

Whether you offer these sessions for free, as a teaser to a comprehensive course, or as a premium service, it’s crucial to ensure they’re fun, interactive, and packed with value.

Music Classes

For individuals passionate about music and working with kids, offering music classes can be a fulfilling venture. Whether it’s teaching piano, violin, guitar, drums, or even vocal training, each lesson can be tailored to a child’s specific interests and skill level.

Remember to incorporate both theory and practical lessons, ensuring a holistic approach. With the advent of technology, these classes can be conducted in-person or virtually, making it convenient for both the teacher and the student.

Dance Classes

Similarly, you can start a dance academy for groups or offer private lessons.

Personal Training Service

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can work one-on-one with clients as a personal trainer out of a gym or similar facility.

Fitness Classes

There are also opportunities to teach fitness classes, like those for yoga, barre, spinning or kickboxing.

Martial Arts Classes

Or you could choose to get more specific and open a martial arts facility where you offer classes in a particular discipline.

Arts & Crafts Classes

Arts and crafts like painting, knitting or basket weaving also lend themselves nicely to a business that sells private classes.

Private Sports Coaching Service

For those who are skilled in a particular sport, you can offer one-on-one coaching services to kids looking to improve their skills.

Team Sports Coaching Classes

You can also start your own team or group activity and earn money through sponsors or events.

First Aid Training Service

working with kids business ideas

If you’re trained and certified in first aid, you can offer training services for individuals and workplaces.

Early Childhood Education Specialist

For those with experience teaching young children, you can work with families or groups of kids to provide specialized education services.

Educational Materials Sales

Or you can provide materials for students and/or teachers to supplement their formal education.

Driving School

You can also work with your state to open up a driving school where you can teach the rules of the road to those looking to get their licenses.

Technical Institute

If you want to offer specialized instruction to students, open up a technical institute where you teach a particular trade.

Computer Instruction

Tech is such an important part of so many industries. Offer computer training courses or work one-on-one with students looking to learn specific computer skills.

Education Blog

To share information about various educational topics, start a blog and earn money through sponsored content or affiliate links.

Education Podcast

Or you can opt for a similar business model in an audio format by starting a podcast.

Education YouTube Channel

YouTube also offers a unique opportunity for people to earn ad revenue while sharing educational content.

Educational Membership Website

In an age where the internet has become an integral part of learning, launching an educational membership website can be both impactful and profitable.

This model allows educators to centralize a vast array of resources – from video tutorials, worksheets, e-books, to interactive quizzes. Parents and children can benefit from a structured, updated, and comprehensive learning experience.

By charging a monthly or yearly membership fee, you can ensure a steady revenue while continuously enhancing and expanding your content. Ensure that the resources cater to different learning styles and are regularly updated to keep up with curriculum changes and the evolving needs of your audience.

Adult Education Center

Many adults seek opportunities to acquire new skills, whether for personal development, career advancement, or just out of sheer curiosity. Establishing an adult education center in your community can fill this gap.

From courses like photography, culinary arts, and digital marketing to subjects like history, language learning, or craft workshops, there’s a vast range of topics to explore.

Ensure that the courses are flexible, taking into account the busy schedules of adults. With a mix of evening classes, weekend workshops, and even online modules, you can cater to a broad spectrum of learners and create a hub for knowledge and skill enhancement.

In-Home Care for Special Needs Children

If you’re trained to work with kids who have special needs, you can offer in-home care where you provide a combination of education and counseling services.

Private Library

working with kids business ideas

There are plenty of public libraries that offer a variety of books. But you could also open a private version with a specific type of book that’s difficult to find otherwise.

Textbook Sales

You might also consider offering books for sale. Specifically, you can turn a significant profit by focusing on college textbooks.

Ebook Sales

If you’re interested in writing books, you can self-publish and offer them for sale on platforms like Amazon.

Book Club

To encourage reading among a group of people, start a book club and charge a membership fee to monetize it.

Education Publication

You might also consider starting a magazine or newsletter that focuses on educational topics or targets teachers.


A museum can be an interesting recreational and cultural experience. Start one that focuses on an interesting talking point in your community.

Summer Camp

For a business that mixes education and recreation, start a summer camp that offers a mix of learning and fun.

Outdoor Recreation Rentals

Embarking on outdoor adventures often requires specific gear, which not everyone owns. By providing outdoor recreation rentals, you allow enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite activities without the long-term commitment or expense of purchasing equipment. Here’s a list of potential items to offer:

  • Kayaks
  • Surfboards
  • Fishing gear
  • ATVs
  • Mountain bikes
  • Camping equipment
  • Paddleboards
  • Snowboards or skis.

Tour Guide Service

If you live in an a popular tourist area, you could start a tour guide service or booth that offers helpful information for visitors.

Horse Stables

For those who love animals and outdoor activities, you can open a horse stable with riding lessons.

Petting Zoo

A petting zoo can also provide some fun and educational experiences for kids and people of all ages.

Educational Farm

You can start a functioning agricultural farm that also provides training opportunities or field trip experiences for schools.

Field Trip Service

working with kids business ideas

You can even start a business that helps teachers or school groups set up field trips in your local area.

Homeschool Materials Sales

With the rise of homeschooling, many parents are on the lookout for high-quality educational resources to support their children’s learning journeys. By offering homeschool materials for sale, you can empower parents with the right tools, ensuring their kids receive a comprehensive and engaging education. Here are some potential offerings:

  • Curriculum guides and lesson plans
  • Interactive worksheets for various subjects
  • Standardized tests and assessment tools
  • Educational board games and hands-on kits
  • Reading lists and book sets for different grade levels
  • Art and craft supplies for educational projects
  • Science experiment kits and lab materials
  • Educational software and apps for interactive learning.

Teacher Training Institute

Help teachers teach by providing training programs geared toward those in a particular industry. These should focus on giving teachers extra skills or teaching those who want to start online courses or something outside of traditional classrooms.

Language Courses

There are plenty of opportunities for those who know multiple languages and want to help others learn as well.

Employee Training Service

You can also provide workplace training programs where you partner with businesses or help employees within a specific industry.

Leadership Training Courses

Or you could focus on teaching leadership skills to business owners or those looking to break into leadership roles.

Career Guidance Service

Help job seekers find their ideal careers by providing one-on-one consulting services.

Resume Service

Or you could help them by creating or editing their resumes and their job hunting materials.

Editing Service

working with kids business ideas

You can also provide editing and/or proofreading services for authors, students or professionals.

Scholarship Consulting Service

To help prospective college students pay for school, offer your services as a scholarship consultant where you connect them with relevant contests and opportunities.

Online Researching Service

There are also plenty of opportunities to provide research assistance to business clients or academics.

Types of Working with Kids Business Ideas

Type of BusinessExamples
Teaching & TutoringPrivate Tutoring Service, Test Prep Tutoring Service, Technical Institute, Language Courses
Educational InstitutionsPrivate Preschool, Driving School, Adult Education Center, Teacher Training Institute
Digital Education PlatformsLesson Plan Sales, Online Course Sales, Webinar Service, Education Blog, Education Podcast, Education YouTube Channel, Educational Membership Website
Physical ActivitiesMusic Classes, Dance Classes, Personal Training Service, Fitness Classes, Martial Arts Classes, Horse Stables, Outdoor Recreation Rentals
Arts & CraftsArts & Crafts Classes
Coaching & SportsPrivate Sports Coaching Service, Team Sports Coaching Classes
Educational ServicesGrading Service, First Aid Training Service, Early Childhood Education Specialist, Field Trip Service, Employee Training Service, Leadership Training Courses, Career Guidance Service, Scholarship Consulting Service, Online Researching Service
Educational ProductsEducational Materials Sales, Textbook Sales, Ebook Sales, Homeschool Materials Sales
Community & EngagementBook Club, Education Publication, Museum, Summer Camp, Petting Zoo, Educational Farm
Specialized ServicesIn-Home Care for Special Needs Children, Resume Service, Editing Service, Computer Instruction, Language Courses, Employee Training Service


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