Workiz Releases Scheduling Chatbot for Service Businesses

Workiz Releases Scheduling Chatbot

Workiz just released a new chatbot to help service-based small businesses with field service management to book appointments and more.

Small Business Trends contacted Aviv Canaani, VP of Marketing at Workiz, to learn more.

Workiz Field Service Management

He explained how this product fills a gap.

“Field service jobs start out with a phone call. Customers want information, estimates and to book services,” he writes. “Workiz Calls allows field service professionals to manage phone calls. That gets overlooked by competitors.”

It provides call recording, call masking and performance tracking. Furthermore, it’s powered by advanced AI and machine-learning.

Scheduling Service Appointments

“Workiz  released the Service Chatbot to schedule service appointments. It works directly from websites. Just like ordering a pizza, an Uber or groceries,” Canaani says.

The product serves SMEs that need dispatching services.  However, one-man shows might find it does more than they need. Besides, it could be a little costly for them.

“Founded in 2015, Workiz is the only field service management and communication software for small-medium on-demand businesses in North America,” Canaani adds. “It was built by and for field service professionals.”

Day-to-Day Operations

It’s a Software-as-a-Service product that’s a CRM system. Workiz helps dispatchers and small business owners manage day-to-day operations. Like dispatching people to jobs. It also sends out invoices and estimates.

Canaani highlights a few other features.

“It can also interact with customers through a phone system and online booking features.  It creates reports, manages team members and does several other things.”

There is even a mobile app. It’s available for Android and iOS. Field technicians use it to stay in touch with dispatchers. They can interact with customers too.

Impressive Features

The software has impressive features. The chatbot can be built quickly. The simple process  includes choosing a welcome text and color. You can even add the services that your business offers.

The services fall into several different categories. Scheduling has online booking. The Service Chatbot is user friendly. Getting paid is easy. There’s credit card processing, invoicing and estimates . As well there’s QuickBooks online integration.

Grow Business

Canaani says the product uses technology well:

“With Workiz, field service professionals can grow their business. Furthermore, they can ditch pen and paper, even Excel spreadsheets,” he says.  “In their place, Workiz provides an easy-to-use platform. It allows businesses to manage scheduling, invoicing, payment processing, online booking and more.”

What’s more, it boosts small businesses’ profits.

“Clients report a 22% revenue increase with the software,” Canaani says.


The product integrates with other platforms small businesses use. Like Mailchimp. In addition, it works with Zoom and even Google Calendar.

This software tackles small business challenges .  The call call tracking features include call recordings. There are up to 10 phone numbers included with the professional package.

Location Tracking

The Team Management feature is excellent. It has a location tracking feature. You can track your employees in real time.

In the end, Workiz helps growing small businesses.

“The Field Service Management market was worth $2.8B in 2019. It will be worth $5.9B by 2024,” Canaani says. “There are over 3million field service businesses in North America. Over 50% don’t use any field service management software.”

You can visit and sign up for a free trial.



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