Workplace Trends 2005

In 2005 and beyond, an aging Baby Boomer population will be the catalyst for major changes in the workforce. It will spawn the entirely new field of retirement consulting, to help two-income couples discover what to do in their retirements.

With seniors aged 65 and older the fastest growing segment of the American population, expect to see daycare centers for the elderly crop up on Corporate campuses. Instead of dropping off their children during the workday, employees will bring their aged parents.

The growing population of senior citizens will also mean new business opportunities. Think errand-running businesses to serve elders.

It’s not just aging Baby Boomers driving workforce changes. Globalization and the Internet are two other catalysts of change. One of the most significant changes is already well underway. A new category of worker is emerging, one that is willing to work more flexible hours to help companies meet the 24/7 demands of today’s marketplace. The 8-to-5 routine is going by the wayside. Almost one third of the working population now has flexible work hours. Technology such as cell phones, laptops and other portable tools make it possible.

To read more about these trends, check out the report “Challenger Future Workplace Trends: 2005 and Beyond” by Challenger Christmas & Gray, the outplacement firm. I emailed them asking if they had any trends predictions and was pleasantly surprised when I got an immediate email with a copy of the report. It makes fascinating reading. And all I can say is that work has changed dramatically since I started in business, and I expect it to change even more over the next decade.

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