Xero Introduces Payroll, IRS Gives Mileage Rates and More

Xero Introduces Payroll, IRS Gives Mileage Rates and More

If you’ve missed the latest small business news, we’ve got it here. The Small Business Trends editorial team has the top stories you need to make the decisions affecting your business this week. Enjoy!

Accounting & Finance

Xero adds payroll to its cloud services. The New Zealand-based cloud accounting software company has added payroll to its services. Jamie Sutherland, President, Xero U.S. says the new service works seamlessly with the company’s other software.

IRS releases new mileage rates. This is an important one for any small business owner deducting mileage as a business expense. There have been some changes. Here are the federal agency’s allowable numbers for 2014 from Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell.

Work & Office

LED carpeting for your next office. It’s a real possibility. Two Dutch companies are planning to bring the product to the market revolutionizing the office environment. Lighted carpets may show you the exits and even the way to the bathroom.

Happy Hubs changes the work environment for entrepreneurs. Forget that glass office building in New York City or LA. You belong soaking up the sun and enjoying chef-prepared meals in this Costa Rican paradise. Or so these startup founders would have you believe.

Hiring & Employment

Square has acquired Viewfinder. Or acquired the team behind the new photo sharing app at least. This deal seems more about hiring a technical team than about acquiring the technology they’ve created. Here’s what you can learn.

Hiscox names new marketing executive. The international insurance provider for small businesses named former Verizon executive Brian Price recently to head the company’s U.S. marketing efforts. Here’s more on what Price’s appointment means.

Customer Service

Applebee’s introduces tableside tablets. The initial idea was to allow customers to add to or make changes to their orders. But it looks like this innovation might have many implications. And for smaller restaurants too.

Technical Difficulties

HP Chromebook 11 has troubles with charger. Google and HP have issued joint statements raising concerns about the problem. And the device is being recalled from some overseas retailers.

Some Yahoo Mail users experience long outage. Some Yahoo Mail users experienced long outages this week with some going at least two days without service. But what really bugged users was more than being unable to use their accounts.

Social Media

Facebook mobile video now on auto-play. Videos posted on Facebook’s mobile app will run automatically without hitting play. The new feature may be a precursor to coming video mobile ads.


Prepper franchise trend is growing. If you’re worried it might be the end of the world, you’re not alone. Franchise correspondent Joel Libava looks at franchises that serve those preparing for the worst.


17-year-old builds custom jewelry empire. Not every teenager can claim to have created a nationally known brand and a company worth millions. Here’s a look at Isabella Weems of Origami Owl.

Dell World Coverage

Dell is about innovation. Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell is attending Dell World 2013 this week. Here’s her coverage of the first day of the event. Let’s listen in as the company takes a long-term look forward.

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  1. Those are some good news in the finance area. I like the mileage rates because I know that most businesses can get some good tax deductions out of it. It is especially good for businesses that use vehicles all the time.

  2. Another great list you have here. Thanks for sharing. I read about the article “Applebee’s introduces tableside tablets”. I think I like the idea here. But the process must be polished first applying to businesses.

    • True. There is also higher maintenance for these tablets. But then again, it it helps customers then I am still for it.