Your Home Business Can Make An Impact

Home businesses seem to get more popular all the time. Promoting a new home business around your products or services can be a daunting plan.

Success Stories

One mom’s home business has big impact. Think your home business can’t make a big splash? Think again! Read more and be inspired by this home business entrepreneur whose efforts are fostering national pride. What can your home business achieve?

Home business successes become more common. Have you noticed that home business successes like this one have become more common? Unaffected even by a tough economy, home based entrepreneurs find many niches in which to thrive. Yahoo! News

Getting Started

How your home business can be a green leader. Going green isn’t just a consideration for big business. Home businesses can make environmentally friendly choices as well and save money in the process. Here’s how your home company can lead the way. Planting Money Seeds

Is home business protected in your community? Home businesses benefit communities and the entrepreneurs who operate them, but some communities seek to regulate the kinds of home businesses allowed to be operated. Is your city or town friendly to small business owners who operate from home? The Wanderer

Tax Advice

Should you take a home office tax deduction? It’s a question that many small business owners must consider and certainly those who run a business exclusively out of their homes. But here are some suggested guidelines about how to determine whether or not to take that deduction. Bloomberg Businessweek

Solopreneur tax tips home business owners should review. Many home business owners are also solopreneurs, so if your small business fits into this category, here is a list of advice you may definitely want to consider as the tax season draws near.

Latest Tributes

Working from home could be a strategy for most companies. You don’t need to be a solopreneur or small business to realize the benefits of working from home. Large companies, too, are increasingly seeing the plus side of the savings that letting employees work from home can often bring. Washington Post

Home offices also spring up abroad. London, in particular, is seeing an explosion in the number of home offices established in the city. These include both businesses that are increasingly encouraging their employees to work from home and entrepreneurs starting their own home businesses, experts say. London Loves Business

Marketing Tips

10 ways to promote your home business. You’ve set up your home business. Now you’ve got to promote it. That could be harder than it sounds, unless you have a strategy. Here are ten ways you should consider right off the bat about getting the word out. Support a Work At Home Person

Another way to promote your home business. As we’ve said before, getting attention can be harder than you think when launching a home business. There have been many suggestions for getting creative with your marketing. But here are some sites that suggest another way of networking. The New Business Idea

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