YouTube Launches First Trends Podcast, Like and Describe

YouTube has introduced its first-ever official trends podcast called ‘Like & Describe’, with the aim of publicizing the lesser-known stories behind the biggest YouTube trends.

‘Like & Describe’ is produced by YouTube’s Culture and Trends team and hosted by longtime creator and online trends obsessive MatPat. It promises to provide useful insight into YouTube trends that could be of great benefit to business owners looking to learn from the rise and expansion of such popular content.

youtube launches like and describe

YouTube Launches First Trends Podcast, Like and Describe

The first episode sees MatPat explore the global growth of Virtual YouTubers, also known as VTubers. These creators are represented by animated characters driven by humans who both voice them and animate their movements with motion-capture technology.

Since the VTuber trend originated in Japan, it has gone on to get a foothold in numerous markets and languages, and collectively draws around 1.5 billion views every month.

Further episodes on different trends promise even more useful insight to business owners who can benefit from insight into cultural trends.

Over Half of All People ‘Watch a Podcast’

More details on the new podcast and next episode were provided on the YouTube blog, where a statement said: “Like & Describe episodes will be released monthly and, befitting a video company, each will launch with a visual layer – supplementary watchable content for those who experience the podcast on YouTube itself. After all, more than 50 percent of people say they watch a podcast in a recent survey.

“Like & Describe can be found on all major podcast platforms, and of course on YouTube. Tune in on January 1 to catch episode 2, in which MatPat and special guests from the Culture & Trends team break down the biggest videos and creators from the year, while looking ahead to what might be coming in the world of digital video in 2023.”

The subject of future digital trends in the second episode due in January is very interesting for business owners tracking trends and cultural phenomenon. It could also provide some inspiration for new marketing ideas and strategies.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting topic, and since it’s trend-based they would have a virtually never-ending source of material.