How to Create a Zazzle Store

How to Create a Zazzle Store

Zazzle is an online marketplace that gives designers a chance to offer their artwork on custom made products. Founded in 1999, the platform currently attracts more than 30 million visitors and is available worldwide.

Creating a Zazzle Store

Getting Started on Zazzle

Start by registering an account. Once done, you will be taken to your account where you should start by creating a store. Having a store has its benefits. For instance, it will help you interact with your fans and buyers on the comment wall and at the same time, your fans will be updated whenever you add new products.

Creating an account only takes a few minutes. You only require to enter your password and email address. You will also be asked to create your unique store name and once your store name and email are verified then you will be allowed to get to your store’s back end.

This is how it looks when logged in.

How to Create a Zazzle Store - Getting Started on Zazzle

Tell Your Story, Add a Banner and Tags 

Click the setting tab to be able to complete your profile. Start by filling in your “about” section. This ideally should be a short story on why you opened up the store or why people need to buy your products. Be as creative as possible.

Add a banner to spice up your shop. It could be a logo or something that someone will associate with your brand.

The store also allows you to add in a few tags. Add tags that will make it easy for people to find your store.

How to Create a Zazzle Store - Tell Your Story, Add a Banner and Tags

Add Products

A store isn’t a complete without products. Click the create product link. You will be provided with a wide variety of products that you can customize.

How to Create a Zazzle Store - Add Products

If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the search box. It is pretty accurate.

View Public Storefront

A shop full of products isn’t going to make good sales with a bad front appearance. You need to visit the public storefront. This is the side that your customers and viewers will be seeing when they visit your store. Make sure the front is attractive and represents what you are selling.

How to Create a Zazzle Store - View Public Storefront

Share on Social Media 

Finally, you’ve got to do some marketing. After all that is what this is all about – making sales! Fortunately, Zazzle gives you a chance to share your store on all the major social media channels, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more.

How to Create a Zazzle Store - Share on Social Media

Zazzle allows you to tap on to your creative side and make sales without having to worry about the cost and expertise that goes into setting up an efficient online store.

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