Zello Has a Walkie-Talkie App for Remote Teams to Stay Connected

Zello Push-To-Talk App

Do you want to improve communication and collaboration in your remote team? If yes, then you should think about adopting a push-to-talk app in your business.

Zello push-to-talk app can turn smart devices into Internet Walkie-talkies, enabling users to communicate with ease. Additionally, Zello App can enable your and your employees to send text messages, share photos, and track locations. What’s more, the app can also empower users to trigger emergency alerts in critical situations.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many small businesses to have their employees working from home. Indeed, remote working policy benefits your small business. But you should take extra measures to improve communication and collaboration in your remote team because remote employees can feel lonely and left out.

Adopting a push-to-talk app can be a good way to enhance communication and collaboration in your remote team to make the team members feel connected.

What Is a Push-To-Talk App

Push-to-talk (PTT), also known as press-to-talk, is a means of instantaneous communication that involves pushing a button to switch a device from voice transmission mode to voice reception mode. Push-to-talk apps work as walkie-talkies or CB radios work.

As push-to-talk is a simple, easy method of communication, it is often a preferred method of communication for teams that require instantaneous communication. For example, hospitality workers communicating across big hotels, drivers out on delivery routes, ambulance drivers, etc.

Key Features of Zello Push-To-Talk App

Zello Push-To-Talk App
PC: Zello

Zello push-to-talk app is a modern form of push-to-talk phones/devices. By simply downloading the app, users can transform their smartphones into PTT devices.

Zello push-to-talk app comes with the following key features:

  • Direct communication between employees (1:1)
  • Ad Hoc channels for quick communication between groups
  • Permanent channels for frequent team communication
  • Option to reply missed messages
  • Display of recent messages
  • Option to update status (available, busy, offline, solo)
  • Track locations of employees

Zello PTT app also has an important feature, allowing users to send alerts to individuals or groups. The recipients will have sonic or vibration until they respond or clear the alerts. This feature is vital for people working in a critical, hazardous environment

Bill Moore, Zello CEO, said in his prepared statement, “For deskless workers or teams working from home, it is vital to maintain accountability, productivity, inspiration, and personal connection. That’s where Zello comes in,”

“Workers in businesses small and large, across multiple industries, use Zello’s push-to-talk technology to communicate live over their smart devices. Just like the interactions in a physical office, Zello allows team members to communicate with individuals or groups with flexibility, leave behind a message that can be played back later, or grab a co-worker’s attention when needed,” He added.

Small business owners can easily create push-to-talk networks for their businesses with the Zello PTT app. This is because it works seamlessly on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

The company also offers a 30-days free trial.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Push-To-Talk Apps

Small business owners are always in search of tools and resources to improve communication and collaboration.

Following are some benefits small businesses can reap from adopting push-to-talk apps:

  • The ability to quickly connect/communicate multiple people
  • Secure and fast communication at any time any place
  • Information about employees’ location
  • Enhance collaboration (with an ability to share text messages and photos)
  • Operational and IT cost reduction

A good push-to-talk app, such as Zello PTT app, can provide your business with a personal touch.

“Sure, other options for small businesses exist that offer things like video-conferencing or business chat apps. But these tend to be either too formal (often requiring that you set up a meeting) or too impersonal (such as chat threads on platforms like Slack). Zello provides a happier, more informal medium right in between these two extremes,” Bill Moore added.

About Zello

Zello offers the world’s leading push-to-talk software. The company has around 140 million users globally. You can click here to know more about Zello and its flagship products.

Image: Zello

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