ZipRecruiter and ADP Partner to Make Small Businesses More Competitive in Hiring

ZipRecruiter and ADP Partner for Small Business Hiring and Payroll Services

A new partnership will integrate ZipRecruiter’s online employment marketplace platform with ADP’s RUN Powered HR packages. Together they will allow small businesses to quickly find the talent they need inside their HR and payroll solution.

ZipRecruiter and ADP Partner Up

The smart talent matching technology of ZipRecruiter will join the more than half a million small businesses in the United States who leverage ADP for their HR and payroll services. Using AI technology, ZipRecruiter is going to make it possible for companies to get quality candidates much faster, even in the current tightening labor market.

When the labor market is tightening, small businesses have to start competing with large companies to fill their positions. And with low unemployment rates of 4.1 percent, it has become much harder finding the talent.

Maria Black, president of Small Business Solutions and Human Resources Outsourcing at ADP (NASDAQ: ADP), hit on this very topic in a press release announcing the partnership. Black explained, “In today’s tight labor market, finding great talent is one of the toughest parts of running a small or midsize business. The small businesses we work with don’t have the luxury of having a position vacant for long. Finding and hiring the right candidate quickly is critical to their success.”

Black goes on to say this was one of the reasons ADP partnered with ZipRecruiter, “To help companies hire smarter, giving them back valuable time to focus on running their businesses.”

The Integration

When the applications from both companies are fully integrated, ZipRecruiter’s functionality will be offered as a built-in feature in all RUN Powered by ADP HR packages. Businesses will be able to access the new functionality from their payroll platform without additional sign-ins.

The ADP RUN Powered recruiting platform will increase its reach for finding candidates by more than 100 job boards with the ZipRecruiter integration. The integration of ZipRecruiter into ADP’s services is the latest in a series of partnerships the company has initiated to provide additional options to  its small business clients.

For ZipRecruiter, which just raised $50 million in funding increasing its total valuation to $1 billion, the new integration means access to hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the ADP ecosystem. When these companies next look to make a new hire, they will use ZipRecruiter’s technology to simplify the process.

Ian Siegel, CEO and co-founder of ZipRecruiter, said, “By teaming with ADP, we are able to bring the muscle of our cutting-edge recruiting technology to ADP customers, giving them a competitive advantage in how they find and hire great talent.”

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