New Zoho Cliq Offers Your Small Business More Than Just Instant Messaging

Zoho Cliq Adds Chat Software That Can to Handle Instant Messaging at Your Small Business

Zoho says Cliq is an instant messenger for small businesses but it’s got more than just IM.

The new Cliq is a business chat software that also features file sharing and enables audio and video calls.

The ability to collaborate effectively has a great impact on the level of productivity your small business enjoys. And the solution you choose has to deliver in real-time and be comprehensive. Cliq has these two very important features as part of its DNA.

Zoho Cliq doesn’t just your small business share files and make audio and video calls when needed but also comes integrated with applications you use every day in your workplace.

Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho, told Small Business Trends, “Effective communication is crucial in improving overall productivity and therefore, revenue. It should encompass all forms of instant communication, like messaging, file sharing, audio/video calling, etc.”

What Can Zoho Cliq Do for Small Businesses?

In answering this question, Vegesna said, “Cliq enables effective communication. Whether you are on the go or working remotely, all your colleagues are a tap away. Small businesses can use it to chat with colleagues, make calls, share files, discuss with groups, share information and more.”

Having all of these tools under one umbrella is invaluable for small businesses. It means not having to worry about compatibility issues. Cliq is available on mobile and desktop across all the most popular operating systems.

Zoho Cliq Screenshot

But why use Cliq over another IM solution? Vegesna explained, “Cliq doesn’t work in isolation, it works in the context of business, and it is extendable.” With Cliq, you have a wide range of solutions available for your small business that are part of the Zoho ecosystem. And when you are ready to grow, the Zoho cloud platform allows you to extend Cliq for your specific business needs.

Cliq also lets your small business create as many public and private channels as needed — to collaborate, make company wide announcements and more.  And all of your chat conversations can be accessed quickly with Cliq’s advanced search. The tool can find any file or piece of text in your chat history in a highly secure environment.

Price and Availability

Zoho Cliq comes in two different tiers. There is a free version with all the essentials, which is suitable for many small businesses. The paid “Unlimited” plan is only $3 per user per month for up to 10 users. If you have more than 10 users, the price keeps decreasing. The company says it has one of the simplest pay structures available, and one almost any small business can afford.

Cliq is available now on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms, and native desktops for OS X, Ubuntu (64-bit), and Windows (64-bit).

Zoho Cliq Mobile App

What is Zoho?

Zoho describes itself as the operating system for business. The company has more than 35 applications designed to run a business entirely from the cloud. Small businesses can get applications for communications, marketing, sales, HR, mail, docs, office and much more.

The company serves more than 30 million users across hundreds of thousands of companies in over 200 countries around the world.  It is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, and has presence in four countries with 5,000 employees.

Image: Zoho

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  1. This is great for video conferencing in general. It will make it easier for teams to work with each other even if they are in different locations.