Zoho Sites Tweak Enables Easy Customization for Small Business Websites

Zoho Sites Allows for Low-Code Website Builds

Small businesses looking for a DIY online presence can now have pre-built website sections that don’t skimp on customizable features like video and parallax images creating an illusion of depth.

Zoho recently launched some additional features on its DIY website builder, Zoho Sites. This latest version also has customizable page elements supporting other design tools and drag and drop templates for everything from newsletters to headers and images.

Best of all, you don’t need a coding background or expensive IT department to get started.

Zoho’s Chief Evangelist Raju Vegesna told Small Business Trends how the new tweaks cater to small businesses looking to expand their online footprint.

One Million Websites

“Establishing an online presence is an essential part of any business and Zoho Sites lets you do that very easily without the technical knowhow,”  Vegesna said.  “We have over one million websites hosted on Zoho Sites and this new revamp will provide more flexibility for businesses to create and customize their website without much effort, yet make it more powerful.”

New Zoho Sites Updates

Other features that streamline the web building process for small businesses include a quick customization pop up.

Pop Ups

Users get the added advantage of pop ups that offer both design and layout options when they add an element or section as they build a website.

Streamline the Web Building Process

Privacy is ensured as users can manage their website’s visibility both inside the organization and in its public facing presence. Another big advantage for the small business seeking to build its own website without a lot of fuss is the streamlined user interface.

The new Zoho Sites pairs a cleaner design with more efficiency.  For example, all the integrations with Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho CRM, Zoho PageSense , Zoho Campaigns and third party applications are just a click away.

Vegesna explains how Zoho added a visual element to make these integrations easier.

“One of the challenges with integrations is knowing the technical aspects on how to make two apps talk to each other. Zoho Flow makes integration between multiple apps easy without getting into the technical aspects. It offers a visual builder to build integration flows between apps without putting [in] lot of effort.”

The new Zoho Sites is now available.  There’s a free version although you can get more functionality with the paid subscription that starts at $5 per site per month for the Essential Plan. The Professional Plan is $12 per month and $20 gets your small business the full-featured Ultimate Plan. And you can see their website for more details.

Zoho’s  headquarters are in Pleasanton, California and Chennai, India. Their products have 30 million users worldwide and they have over 5,000 employees.

Image: Zoho


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  1. Anything that makes things easier for SMB owners is a good thing. Hopefully it doesn’t make for messy underlying code, but that might still be a worthwhile trade-off.

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