Zoho Workplace Office Suite Stresses Continuity and Integration

Zoho Workplace

Today marks the launch of Zoho Workplace.

It’s truly unique business software in that it aims to help small business users avoid the complications that come from using multiple apps throughout the day to get their work done. In fact, Zoho Workplace incorporates 9 (count them, 9) different apps into one singular workspace.

It handles everything from word processing, spreadsheets, and email to more modern work solutions like video conferencing and team collaboration. And it’s all packed into 1 application. Some small businesses may have individual apps that handle each of those tasks independently.

But Zoho Workplace does it all in one.

And starting today, it’s available in two versions, Standard (at $3 per month per user) and Professional ($6 per month per user).

Zoho Workplace Helps Adapt to Changes

When we spoke with Taylor Backman, a Senior Evangelist at Zoho, he told us Zoho Workplace addresses the constantly changing workplace.

Taylor Backman is a Senior Evangelist at Zoho. He spoke with Small Business Trends about the new product, what it does and what it hopes to accomplish.

“Clearly, as we’ve seen over the last few months, the future is here,” he says. “Remote and hybrid work is going to be very important.”

Zoho Workplace addresses both remote work and what Backman calls a hybrid model as employees filter back to brick-and-mortar stores and offices.

“We think those things are here to stay,” he says.

Backman also stresses the new trends include breaking down boundaries between organizations and an emphasis on mobile first.

Workplace brings a number of tools together to cover these requirements. He stresses they are designed with continuity between applications and tools and across devices.

“All of this is enabling convenience, making it easy to do the right thing,” Backman says.

9 Apps in Zoho Workplace

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included in Zoho Workplace. Remember, it has 9 different Zoho apps all in one super app, if you will. And each app works seamlessly with the others, so there’s no fumbling between using your current collaboration tool that doesn’t jibe with your email, which doesn’t agree completely with your accounting software. It’s literally one app – with 9 apps inside – that can help you run just about every function of your business.

“This way, small businesses are focusing on the work they are doing that serves customers rather than trying to figure out how to share a document,” Backman told us during a sneak peek at Zoho Workplace.


This is much more than a simple email app. Zoho Mail allows users to make audio and video calls and even edit documents in Zoho Writer, the company’s word processing app. Zoho Mail gives users the ability to access all their different mail accounts from within the app. Mail also comes with some important security features like S/MIME certificates, MFA, email rules, unusual login alerts, and custom spam controls.


If you’re using a handful (or more) of instant messaging apps, you know this can get confusing. If you’re a busy business owner or entrepreneur, you can have numerous dings and notifications ringing from different apps all day. But Zoho Cliq keeps your team on a single IM platform. Get your whole team on Cliq and you can set up custom statuses, in-out settings, and more.


Zoho Meeting allows users to set up recurring meetings or just the random call to a client. Meeting is also integrated with Zoho Projects, Bookings, CRM, and other apps from the company. Zoho Meeting also supports 16 languages now.


Zoho Connect is the company social intranet app. It brings together all of Zoho’s other HR systems like Zoho People.


The Zoho Writer app is more than just a simple word processing app. While it does do that simple function, it allows for collaboration among your team members. You can even turn documents into fillable forms using Writer. The company says Writer also features template-driven automation and APIs, form-driven automation, and automatic signature and approvals.


Show is Zoho’s collaborative presentation tool. It’s a slide show app but much more. It’s integrated with Atlassian, Unsplash, and Humaans. And by using an organization-wide slide library and data linking, slides automatically update using live data.


This is another app that does much more than its name suggests. Zoho Sheet is more than just another spreadsheets app. Visualize historic data, track changes in your data while you’re collaborating with your team members, get insights on that data, and even convert images to spreadsheets using Zoho Sheet.

“You can put a bunch of data into one of these spreadsheets in a big crazy table,” Backman said of the power of Zoho Sheet. “Click one button and our AI will generate charts and graphs.”


Get access to company files and don’t worry about hard drive space concerns while using Zoho WorkDrive. WorkDrive uses a powerful admin panel that lets you track team activity and the app is integrated with Zoho Directory.


Online training is more important than ever, especially if your team is remote on a permanent or just a temporary basis. ShowTime helps bring your team up to speed on the latest updates.

Learn More about Zoho Workplace

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in describing the functionality of the new Zoho Workplace. You can find out more about how it can help your small business here.

The Latest from Zoho

Zoho was founded in 1996. The company develops software for business and all its apps are built in-house. Right now, Zoho has more than 45 business apps with myriad functions.

More than 50 million people use Zoho apps on a regular basis.

The company is based in Austin, Texas. It also has offices in India, Japan, China, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates. The company has more than 9,000 employees.

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