Zoho Writer App for Mobile Lets Small Business Teams Stay Connected — No Matter What

Zoho Writer App for Mobile Lets Writers Write, Even Offline

Ever get a bright idea when in an area with poor internet and mobile access so you can’t share it with the team? Zoho has your back with some new upgrades included in its Writer for Mobile app. The redesign to the company’s existing iOS and Android apps lets you view and edit your work even when you’re offline.

Latest Zoho Writer App Updates

20 Documents

The Zoho Writer app has been modified to enable productivity when there’s no connection. That means there’s no more frustrating downtime when you’re stuck in places where you can’t get bars on your phone. The app allows you to store and work on the last twenty documents you’ve accessed too. Zoho’s Writer for Mobile allows you to work on that important pitch. And the tool lets you edit a potential white paper or ebook and write a blog post too — even without a clear connection.

New Design

What’s more, the new design offers some other upgrades to make it easier to be a small business team player. Join discussions about the latest blog post for a product line when you’re on the go. Add comments about team marketing materials and stay in the loop with instant sync across all your devices.

Words can be great by themselves but they’re even better when they’ve got visuals and statistics beside them.  Writer for Mobile lets you add tables and images for professional looking small business documents.

Syncs Well

One of the more interesting things this new app has to offer is it syncs up well. They allow export of work to the team in PDF, HTML and other formats.   There’s no need to break your concentration to save and lose your train of thought. The Writer for Mobile app saves automatically.

The mobile app is an offshoot from Zoho Writer. It focuses on giving writers of all kinds a clean blank spaces to work on. Menus are kept to a minimum and tools appear when you need to use them.

Individuals can get this app for free. Small business teams can access the  upgraded version by signing up for Zoho Workplace or Zoho One. The plans range from $2 to $35 dollars per month per employee for access to various apps.

Zoho offers cloud based software. Their integrated products include over 35 products for a variety of small business needs.

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