Zoom Introduces “Zoom Clips” in Beta

With remote work and collaboration tools becoming more vital than ever, Zoom has unveiled its latest feature, Zoom Clips, in beta for global users. This innovative tool aims to redefine asynchronous communication, allowing users to seamlessly record, edit, and share high-quality short-form video messages.

Available to Zoom One license holders, ranging from basic to enterprise users, Zoom Clips addresses the rising need for fewer meetings and clearer communications. The feature enables users to capture both screen and video recordings, set viewing permissions, and swiftly share these clips with peers. Significantly, these clips are housed in a centralized content management system, facilitating easy search, discovery, and engagement. The added ability for viewers to comment on these videos and for creators to monitor video views is expected to boost collaboration.

Zoom Clips

John Beckmann, Group Product Manager at Zoom, remarked on the evolving dynamics of video communication. He stated, “The way we use video is evolving. Team collaboration and communication are more important than ever, and users need the ability to share both ad-hoc and planned videos in a way that can be easily viewed and stored.” He believes that Zoom Clips offers a unique solution, particularly for those collaborating across different time zones, by creating a central repository for clips and promoting asynchronous team engagement.

Zoom Clips is the newest addition to Zoom’s comprehensive suite of asynchronous communication tools. Employees now have an expanded arsenal to work flexibly, with features like Zoom Team Chat, continuous meeting chat in Zoom Meetings, Zoom Scheduler, Zoom Email, and Zoom Whiteboard. Notably, Zoom Clips can be utilized beyond basic communication.

It offers an opportunity for teams to share project updates in daily stand-ups, present easy-to-digest training modules, and enhance the onboarding experience for new hires.

The platform also encourages interactive engagement, allowing teams to comment on or react to these clips using emojis. Key features introduced in the beta launch of Zoom Clips include:

  • Recording Capabilities: Users can initiate recordings from multiple access points like the Zoom web portal, computer taskbar, or directly within the Zoom client. They can also harness the power of virtual backgrounds and noise suppression.
  • Editing Tools: The feature allows users to set clip viewing permissions, rename, add descriptions, tags, and even trim undesired sections.
  • Sharing & Management: Generating shareable links, both internally and externally, viewing video analytics, and managing clips with ease are some highlights. Users can also search for clips based on specific titles or tags.

In its beta phase, Zoom Clips will offer unrestricted access to all its features. There will be no limitations on the number of clips or their durations. However, specific details about general availability and pricing structures will be unveiled in the upcoming months.

Image: Zoom

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