Zoom Unveils AI-Enhanced ‘Zoom Revenue Accelerator’ for Advanced Sales Insights


Zoom announced the rebranding of its sales intelligence tool, Zoom IQ for Sales, to “Zoom Revenue Accelerator.” With the rebranding also come new features that will offer enhanced AI capabilities tailored for revenue teams.

Mahesh Ram, head of AI applications and products at Zoom, conveyed the rationale behind this change. “The renaming stems from the feedback we received from our users. While the previous name didn’t truly capture the essence and potency of the product, the new one underscores its capability to drive revenue via advanced AI,” remarked Ram. The previous quarter saw an impressive 400% growth of the product, shedding light on its importance in the realm of generative AI and its potential to bolster sales performance.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator isn’t just a name change—it’s a testament to innovation in the sales world. Current features powered by AI include:

  • Meeting and chapter summaries.
  • Analysis of sentiments and engagement.
  • Metrics like the talk/listen ratio.
  • Intelligent extraction of actionable items and pertinent questions from discussions.
  • An email “smart compose” function for post-meeting correspondence.

But the ambition doesn’t end here. Zoom’s plans include expanding these functionalities and incorporating new AI features. The ultimate goal? Empowering sales teams to hone their skills, resulting in superior customer experiences and potentially greater revenue.

Coming this fall, Zoom is set to upscale the capabilities of the Revenue Accelerator. Key additions include:

  • Virtual Coach: A dynamic training platform that mirrors real-life conversations. It’s designed to speed up onboarding and provide comprehensive training on new products and strategies. Salespeople can also obtain objective performance evaluations to enhance their messaging consistency.
  • Deal Risk Signals: An intuitive rules-based engine that alerts sales teams about potential stagnations in deals, offering insights into the sales pipeline’s progress.
  • Discover Monthly: A feature dedicated to monitoring mentions of competitors during calls and summarizing these insights on a monthly basis. It’s crafted to help sales teams derive strategic insights and heighten their execution efficacy.

Endorsements for the Zoom Revenue Accelerator abound. Alexander Atzberger, CEO at Optimizely, shared, “Zoom Revenue Accelerator allows us to coach sellers and identify best practices while simplifying technology and processes and lowering costs. Our sales teams already love and spend a lot of their time in Zoom Meetings, so it was a no-brainer to add conversation intelligence with Zoom to their experience.”

Such a strategic pivot and enhancement are quintessential of Zoom, which consistently strives to enrich user experiences and meet evolving market needs. The Zoom Revenue Accelerator appears to be the new North Star for revenue teams and sales professionals aiming for the top.

Image: Zoom

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