Zoom’s Enhanced Customer Experience Suite for Your Small Business

Zoom unveiled a new range of enhancements to its Customer Experience (CX) suite at Zoomtopia 2023, with a particular focus on aiding small businesses in strengthening their customer relationships.

According to Vi Chau, the Head of Product for Zoom Phone and Contact Center, the new upgrades aim to bridge the gap between businesses and customers, especially as remote and dispersed workforces become the norm. With over 600 feature upgrades to the Zoom Contact Center since its 2022 launch, the platform has transformed from a mere communication tool to an entire suite of customer engagement solutions.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners:

  1. Zoom AI Integration: Zoom is introducing the AI Companion and AI Expert Assist. These tools provide live transcription, sentiment analysis, and real-time solutions. For small businesses, this means more efficient and responsive customer service without the hefty price tag.
  2. Zoom Virtual Agent with Generative AI: Small businesses can now leverage the auto-generated bot flows for faster and hassle-free customer engagement without engaging expensive IT resources.
  3. Expanded Communication Channels: Through a partnership with WhatsApp and the future integration of Messenger and email, businesses can meet customers on their preferred platforms.
  4. Remote Desktop Control: An innovative feature allowing customer service agents to solve technical issues by remotely accessing the customer’s desktop.
  5. Third-Party App Integration: Reducing the need for toggling between multiple platforms, Zoom now offers real-time access to crucial customer info directly within the Zoom client. Furthermore, for those utilizing Salesforce for their CRM needs, an integration with Zoom Events will allow for more streamlined lead and prospect capture.
  6. New Pricing and Feature Bundles: The latest features, encompassing voice, video, chat, and more, will be available in tiered bundles designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. This provides a flexible solution for small businesses seeking to enhance their customer experience without straining their budget.

Zoom’s commitment to refining its CX suite highlights the importance of customer relationships in today’s business landscape. For small businesses looking to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, tools that streamline communication and enhance customer engagement are invaluable.

Image: Depositphotos

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